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In 1976, the Junior League of McAllen established a college scholarship program with the proceeds from its first cookbook, La PiƱata. This scholarship program grew over the years from $2,000 to $30,000 in monies awarded to deserving college-bound students from McAllen each year. From 2004 to 2014, students volunteering within the Teen Court program were eligible for an additional college scholarship from the Junior League of McAllen. $1,000 was divided each year among select graduating students who have given their time and talents to serve as attorneys, court clerks, bailiffs and jurors in Teen Court. Begun in 1988 as a joint project of the McAllen Police Department and the Junior League of McAllen, Teen Court is a legally binding alternative system of justice that offers young first-time offenders an opportunity to make restitution for their offenses through community service, educational classes, and jury service.

In 1995, the ABC Grant program was developed to distribute funds to teachers within McAllen ISD and at McAllen private schools. This program grew from $1,000 to $6,000 in monies awarded annually and encourages innovative educational projects. Beginning in 2004, the Junior League of McAllen began administering an Educational Enhancement Fund of up to $10,000. This Educational Enhancement Fund is designed to support a wide variety of educational experiences for local children. It is the intention of this fund to challenge and encourage youth to develop themselves to their full potential and find the scholar within.

In addition to these gifts, the Junior League of McAllen also distributes, when available, a Community Assistance Fund of up to $20,000. The Community Assistance Fund is designed to respond to the immediate needs of local non-profit agencies. Primary consideration for these funds is given to eligible agencies facing an emergency situation such as the disruption of services.


To qualify for this scholarship, the applicant must:

  • Have a grade point average of at least 85
  • Participate in school activities (unless employed)
  • Participate in voluntarism in the community
  • Be a qualified graduate

Students from high schools within Hidalgo County will be chosen for this scholarship each year. Each scholarship is for the sum of $1,000 and must be used for tuition, housing, books, or other expenses -directly related to school. Applicants must be graduating in May of the year the application is submitted. 

Application to be posted in Spring 2018.


ABC (A Better Community) Grants are available to all school-based instructional personnel of McAllen ISD and McAllen private schools. These grants are not intended to serve as an alternative source of funding for existing programs; rather, these grants are available for new projects or for the expansion of existing innovative educational projects. An applicant may submit more than one application for different projects, and several applicants may work together on a single project.

Specific information requested on the application includes:

  • Contact information for applicant and campus
  • Project details such as grade level, content area, objectives, activities, and evaluation methods
  • Total funds requested, materials required, cost of materials

"Volunteering is a vital part of our community. The more we give to our community and society the more results we will see. Volunteering will go a long way towards creating a healthier community. It is also extremely important to give back to those who have helped us in our time of need. If we can help make a difference in our world then we should definitely take the opportunity to do so."

Myrna Sofia Alejo, 2015 JLM scholarship recipient

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